New forest fairy pubs

This summer I intend to find as many of the tiny fairy pubs in the New forest.

Many strange folk have tiny inns . On warm summer nights and bitter cold evenings

the fairies meet  drink blueberry wine and exchange tales.

The Tiny royal oak nestles in an old yew stump 

When I visited the tiny Inn at  Fritham I spotted a second little door not a stones throw away.

I was warned that this little fairy did not approve of the drinking and spends most days in the woods with mice and frogs.

This Fairy Inn called the Tiny trusty is in Minstead. A huge pole for climbing stands not far from its door.

After much drinking tiny fairies fly to the top and hang on for grim death shouting at all below

The Tiny New Forest Inn at Emery Down is a little fairy pub in which all tiny things seems to flock in summer. Its quite woods offer a haven for little things to sleep off the effects of Blueberry wine.