Deep in the Forest

Deep in the forest lie many tiny doors, the homes of the quietest, smallest, shyest creatures.  As you amble through woods keep your eyes peeled for signs of tiny life - a little wooden wheelbarrow filled with acorns or a tiny napkin left after a fairy tea! 


More photos to be added when fairy approval is given.

Only one of the collection of the tiny fairy door that lie deep in the woods

Radio fairy a beacon of hope to a hidden race

sloden wood
well hidden door in Sloden wood

Many tiny doors, ships and bridges hide in deep woods.  You may have seen some? I have come across signs of tiny life in most woods that I have got to know - funny that! Wild woods offer safe haven for most small creatures.  They are tiny things to me, but to many people I have heard them called fairys, elfs, goblins, pixies, trolls (bit big those ones), fairies, sprites, mermaids (not too comfy for them in the wild wood!) mice that have that funny look, you know the ones that don't run away, but look like they might tell you something...... anyway, they are all there somewhere, including a lovely tiny radio station!