Your messages left outside  tiny doors.

I try and collect them but Mr slug likes them as well and makes the most terrible mess of them.

If I can read them I put them here.

Please make me fairy house with a window that opens


Alice Peters







I love the furzey fairies


Dear Tiny

Let me tell you I am quite cross with little things. Swimming Pools really.

My Hsband Archibald Sonebridges and my self are well in our 80's and we wild swim every day in the rivers and lakes of our wonderfull country.

Why don't Fairies

Yours   Hilda Sonebridges.


Dear Hilda

I am sorry for letting you think tiny things only swim in pools they don't but a pool is a much safer place when Barbera Pike is about.

I have added more photos in the swimming pages of wild swimming.

Yours Sincerely