Calameties at Sea

There are many frightening tales of little folk and their greed! Much driven by the memories of hunger in cold grey winters, the wish to stock their larders ever deeper, led to tiny catastrophes.

The crabb apple harvest was a particular cause of disaster.

I have tried to record this as fairly as I can, some of these tales....


Coming soon....

The great storm of 1987

The Great Storm of 1987 could not have come at a worse time for the little folk of the Isle of White. Their little boats were crisscrossing the solent fully loaded with crabb apples, when that storm hit. The rusty hulks of the tiny ships still litter the beaches of Inchmery and Lepe.

My favorite thing to find is a tiny ship wreck . I hope none where tragic and I am sure they weren't. The south cost is a particular favorite place to hunt for the rusting hulks. Lepe beach, a good place to start. A little gang of very musical crabs I know of, often meet at the fairy ship wreck 'Osprey' for a crabb jam!  When they start, tiny things come out to dance by the driftwood bonfires.

I will post many more photos when my welly boots are fixed.