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Have you seen one of these doors anywhere? Or do you want to know where to find one?

Or leave a little note for the fairies? You can also leave questions, comments and anything you want to know!


Have fun!

Ps If your words are for little folk only let me know and I will stop them putting them on there message board


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  • Myra F. Dingle (Saturday, August 31 13 02:51 am BST)

    There is a Faylinn called the Faylinn Graces whose queen is Orla. They live in the the Lopsided Kingdom. Their givedness is to grant each righteous person's wish, if it be for good. This Faylinn is able also to go to battle for righteousness sake and stand stand ready to do so. These women have male faries at their command and service-the Golden Knights. All of these characters live in the book-Louisanna and the Lopsided Kingdom by Myra F. Dingle
    In the Lopsided Kingdom is a cottage with a lopsided door. It seems small, but is in fact, a passageway to the entire kingdom itself-if you know the way!

  • Sam Bentley (Sunday, May 19 13 02:55 pm BST)

    Dear Fairies
    I liked my walk and looking at your houses. And your school and your tiny post office. But we did not see any fairies.

    From, Sam Bentley aged 5 years

  • Amelia (Monday, April 08 13 07:39 pm BST)

    We loved these cute little doors,running around
    Furzey garden trying to find them with my sisters and friends.

  • Charlotte (Thursday, July 26 12 07:32 pm BST)

    Dear Lady Daphne hope you have a good holiday at Furzey Gardens. The fairies are very good here and we love visiting, maybe we will see you sometime. Love Charlotte

  • Fi (Tuesday, May 22 12 09:43 pm BST)

    The Tiny Things must be bursting with pride on their gold medal at Chelsea. Can't wait to see the photos!

  • Leighton (Tuesday, April 10 12 09:02 pm BST)

    how small are your houses cause they look very small

  • Eve (Thursday, February 09 12 03:02 pm GMT)

    hi love your website

  • Nina (Friday, January 20 12 11:26 pm GMT)

    I truley belive in faries.I have my whole life.I wish that i lived in England so i could witness these beautiful doors for myself.One of my old teachers was from England and she would bather on and on about these doors.

  • lover-of-fairydoors! (Friday, November 11 11 08:32 pm GMT)

    The tinydoors stickers are SO cool! I love them!

  • The blob (Sunday, November 06 11 04:44 pm GMT)

    Are all these taken in Furzey or not?

  • Barbara (Saturday, October 15 11 01:17 pm BST)

    A friend in Holland found a tiny door in the sand dunes near where she lives - and there was me thinking they were only in England!

  • Faery Folklorist (Friday, October 14 11 08:08 pm BST)

    Thanks for sharing your lovely website with me, so many beautiful fairy doors!!

  • F.S (Friday, October 14 11 08:00 pm BST)

    Haya you doors are So cool!!!